New Machines

Alligator Shears

Birim Makina Alligator shears cut most types of metal and are built to withstand the rigours of the tough scrap metal industry. Sizes available: 320mm - 900mm.  

Scrap Metal Balers

A range of metal balers for processing scrap metal of various size and density. Birim Makina high speed 3-ram ferrous balers and  2-ram non-ferrous balers.

Scrap Metal Shear/Balers

Birim Makina Shear Balers for processing mixed ferrous scrap metal, auto bodies, steel mill scrap, pipes, plate, demolition, aluminium and stainless steel materials  

Material Handlers and Cranes

Birim Scrap Handlers for handling scrap metal material

Shredders & granulators

Mizar range of cable granulation systems for processing scrap mixed cable and dirty copper wire. Models available from 600kgs - 2500kgs per hour

Cable Strippers

Mizar S90 Cable stripper for the fast removal of plastic armour from various sizes of cable up to 93mm. Easily adjustable and very fast for high production.