Metal Shears

Metal Shears

Used metal recycling Shear/balers for sale. We can arrange dismantling, transport, shipping, servicing and repairs. To advertise yours here for free, drop us a message with some recent images. Alternatively, we can arrange a site visit for assessment and valuation.

Lefort 450 Conqueror Shear/Baler/Logger

Akros Henschel 1000t Shear/Baler

Taurus CS873 AE Shear/Baler/Logger

Taurus T900 Shear/Baler fully refurbished

Taurus 546DT Shear/Baler/Logger

Lefort 500 Mobile Shear/Baler/Logger

Sierra Idromec 500 TSL Shear/baler/logger

Taurus CS 551P Shear/baler/logger

Taurus C660C5D Shear/baler/logger

Copex 1000 T – 600 Shear Side Compression

Akros Henschel CIV 600-8 DM Mobile Shear

Danieli Henschel CIB 1250-10 Shear

Lefort 500 Mobile Shear/baler/logger

Lefort 500 Mobile – Conkest Shear/baler/logger

Lefort 600 Mobile Shear/baler/logger

Lefort 600 Mobile Shear/baler/logger

Taurus C662 PC 7D Shear/baler/logger

Taurus 546 DT Shear/baler/logger

New Idromec 500TSL Shear/baler/logger