Metal Balers

Metal Balers

A range of used baling presses refurbished to factory spec or offered 'as is'. To advertise here for free call for details...

Harris TGS57 LB Baling Press

JMC Mcintyre 7025 Baler

Leopard BM6 3040 Baling Press

BM5 Lion 3040 Baler

Colmar B2000 Baler

Harris TGS25 Baler

Harris TGS60 Baler

Harris TGS60 LB Baler

Harris TGS220 Baler

BM5 Lion 4040 Metal Baler

Bonfiglioli Car Baler

Colmar B5000PM Baler/logger

Sierra PN4200 Baler logger

Moros GB-C-15 Baler

Mcinytre 5025S Baler

Harris TGS215 Baler